Thursday, July 24, 2008

Temple Square

So I'm in Salt Lake City this month, and on a lazy afternoon I decided to head downtown and see what Big Louise (the camera) and I could do with Temple Square. There is sooo much to see! I wanted to practice catching all the different angles of the actual temple in all kinds of different lights. Let me know what you think.

Also, while sitting on the bench and putting on a new lens, one of the hosts came up to talk to me. Translation: an adorable 80 year old man spends a few afternoons a week telling tourists all about how he and his wife were married in this building 61 years ago and all four of his kids have been married there and it is his favorite place on Earth and why and etc. He was adorable. I could tell he really wantded someone to talk to so for 45 minutes, we did. I heard everything. And it was a treat. I hope I can be that happy and wise when I am his age. I included a shot of him.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Meet. Beau. Travis.

One of my dearest friends in the whole world, Natalie Bunch Pulliam, made an another aunt out of me with this little lovebug. I think this is one of the worlds' most anxiously awaited arrivals; you should have seen the party going on in the waiting room at the hospital. Here he is at one month. I warn you now, you will be seeing a lot of him.

Like I said. Lovebug.

Dave and Dre are getting hitched!

Meet Dave and Andrea. Dave is an old buddy of mine from high school. Andrea is his adorable fiance. They were very very good sports this was blazin hot outside. She jokingly asked for 'mystical' engagment pictures. I hope the last one suffices.

Introducing Big Louise

Oh how I've tried to resist this. People have kept urging me to start a blog but honestly - my life really isn't exciting enough to unleash to the world wide web these days. So I'm not going to blog my life. I'm going to blog each frame shot on Big Louise, my lovingly named new Nikon D80. This is the direction my life is turning. My life is now through a lens.