Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jaclyn and Colby are engaged!

Oh I have wanted to post these for sooo long!!  Holiday card season has ended and now I can play catch up.  This is Miss Jaclyn Friday and Colby Bunch and we had so much fun this day.  Colby is a brave man to shoot his engagments with his fiance on one side, and mom and sister just out of the shot.  Add me and that's a lot of women!  I am so happy for them and counting down the days until Jaclyn's bridals - I have some big plans for that one.  Congrats you two!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blaze and Teresa's Wedding

Remember this family?  I shot their daughter Lacey's wedding in June and just had the pleasure of shooting their son's wedding.  That's right - two kids, two weddings, one year!  Whew.  It was a pleasure to spend another wonderful day and wonderful (yet chilly) night with these guys.  Congrats Blaze, Teresa and Colt - you make a great family!

Sometimes a perfectly good t-shirt must be sacrificed to save an up-do!

Probably one of my favorite dancing shots I've ever snapped!

Need a getaway car?  How about Grandma's motorized scooter!