Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Ruby Belle!

How is it possible that this child is one? We had quite a day shooting her pictures! It all started out with a pair of fairy wings in a garden. Then, well, we had bigger plans!  Her mom and I had a little too much fun with her photo session. I think, towards the end, we had a little more fun than Ruby did. See below.

Then back home for some of Ruby's personality.  That was my goal with these - to capture this funny bunny's many faces.

Then we had to stage a little Alice in Wonderland in the backyard.  Dixie the Border Collie was the Mad Hatter; Otis the Pomeranian was the Cheschire Cat.  Hey, we tried.  You try gettng a one year-old and two dogs all to look at you at the same time!

Okay so the next part is where we had a little more fun than the actual birthday girl.  Just a birthday cake, right? Sorry Ruby but this was too much fun!

Here is the invitation I designed for the birthday party.  It is a four panel accordian fold.  Outside: 

Inside Panel:

There was quite a bash to celebrate her big day.  She was, "Ruby in Onederland," complete with costume.

Here's her present from Mom and Dad..

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Her Highness

It's her title.  This is big sister Holly, Hollywood, her Highness, etc.  I needed to test out a few locations for an upcoming shoot and she graciously agreed to model for me.  She's always been a star and in my opinion, she's never been more beautiful.  One sister down, one to go!