Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Guapo and Bentley the Bulldog

I am such a dog person. Their little faces make me melt! While up in Idaho, I spent a morning trying (emphasis on trying) to get some shots of my cousin's dogs. There is the ever handsome Guapo, and Bentley the Bulldog. I discovered that dogs move more than kiddos - making the process all that more fun, and uh, tricky. I must apologize to Guapo - for I have far more pics of Bentley; there is just something about his face that I could not stop snapping. I love them both!


PK said...

Cute pics, Beef! I know I'm bias, but no dog is as cute as the Lex-Pup!

Melony and Todd said...

Laurie, I LOVE these pics. You are so awesome. So are you and Cristi going to hook up and do a Dame & Smith Photography business? So, are you shooting weddings already?