Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Abby and her Umbrella

Meet Abby Leavitt. She and her older sister Lucy are absolutely adorable (and very well behaved, I might add). I brought a few little umbrellas to the shoot to see what the girls would do with them. Abby decided it would be her personal prop for the day. Check below.

It was a joy to meet up with my dear old friends, the Leavitts. Annie is an old college buddy of mine; Ty is her very manly husband. I joke with Annie that she truly did marry a 'real man.' It was a joy to spend a rainy January day (yes, January - I am just now catching up) with them and I can't wait until the next shoot in October. Why you ask, because that is when baby #3 is making its debut! Congrats Leavitts! I'll be sure and pick up one more umbrella before then.

One of my all time favorites!


Annie said...
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Annie said...

tex! these are so amazing. thanks for sending back the tutu. you do such a great job!
can't wait to see you again.