Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wedding posts that must happen this week.

So I am sitting in the Vegas airport after shooting a wedding in St. George yesterday and have just volunteered my seat up to give me more time to edit pictures. Is that dedication or what? (my mother will think I am crazy). Hey, $300 travel voucher and more editing time...everybody wins (except my need for sleep).

I am posting a few teasers from my last two weddings - thanks for being sooo patient with me brides and grooms~

Lacey and Dillon

Tawny and Felix

More to come. Promise.


Annie said...

aha, i just got your message darling. you should have stopped by logandale and seen my parents-my mom had fresh baked zucchini bread. dang, you missed out.
i heard the weather was wonderful, hope you enjoyed your trip. miss you!