Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Vosslers do Maine!

Whew - where did this month go? I have many, many Maine pics to post from the Hansen family reunion. I've decided that I'm going to divide the posts up by each family there so there is not a 150 pic post.
Let's start with the Vosslers, Tiffany Hansen Vossler and her husband Brooks, daughter Karlie, son Hayden (aka Chunk), and Grant (mini-Brooks). I used to babysit Karlie Brynn when she was a little girl and Hayden was just a tiny, little (yet chunky) baby. Now they are all grown up and it makes me feel so old! Good to see you guys!

ps - have you noticed there is a lot of kissing going on amongst these couples! (refer to three posts ago)


tiffany said...

Hi Laurie, Love the pics! You do good work!! We loved seeing you also, and hope that it's not as long before we see you again!

Megan said...

Good job kid. The pictures look great. I especially love the one of Hayden, he's just so cute! Hope you're not going crazy with the editing process!

Solviej said...

I love the one of Brooks kissing Tiff. Can't wait to see the rest of them.

gmckibbe said...

I love them all, too. I am so impressed with your work, Laurie! Great fun!