Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eating my words.

So remember when I went on and on about my love of black and white (and mostly grainy film) beach shots?  Well, two days later I took these.  And it just wasn't in me to shoot in black and white with this sunset.

Here is the lovely, lovely Persson family.  Their baby Dane is a force of nature!  And with his genes, he is going to be quite a ball player, one day.  Thanks for the lovely evening, guys!  And Eric, the steak you made that night will never be forgotten.  best. one. i've. ever. had.

Once the sun did set, we headed home to play (and eat)


P. Kelly Smith said...

Those are some crazy cool color-rich photos!

Megan said...

Yeah, definitely a good idea to go with color, that was a beautiful sunset! I love seeing the pictures you take, but it would be nice to see some pictures of my Daaaarlin and to know what you're up to!!