Monday, October 6, 2008

Lex-pup the Greyhound

My previous post has caused quite a stir amongst the family wanting clarification for my favorite dog. For the past year, I have been dogsitting my cousin's mini italian greyhound, lexus, now and then. And yes - I grew attached to this nine pound pile of fur and bones and am completely smitten. Why she has not been posted yet, I cannot say.

She now lives with my sister in Utah. Here are they catching up on on the Brangelina.

I'm excited to see you this week lex!


Deb said...


BTW, how did you get Britney to give her pink wig to Lex? Dope!

PK said...

It's about da** time you post pics of the Lex-Pup. She says she "might" forgive you for showing the love to Bentley first!