Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Can I cover your child in mud?

Why?  Because it is so much fun! (and makes great pictures, if I may say so myself).  You remember Beau Travis - now 18 months old!  I know, it's hard to believe.  He is a wonderfully sweet and energetic child with his mama's eyes and daddy's love of the outdoors.  Our only problem here: what toddler wants to sit still for a camera?  Our solution:  cover him in mud and watermelon juice and let him go wild!  I love the way it turned out.  And I love this kiddo. And he loves watermelon.


Boomer thought that watermelon looked awfully good.

Off to the mud!






Then to his playroom.


Next to the railroad tracks.

And finally, our attempt at a studio sitting.

He wasn't feeling it so much at first.

Aah, treat bribery.  Look at that face!

Beau inspecting my set for me.

Thank you for letting me follow you around for one wild day, Beau! 
Aunt B


Annie said...

ok-this just makes me want a boy boy boy!!!! and not a lot does. if we have another girl, can i steal this one?

love you. miss you. hope all is well.

Megan said...

You got some fabulous pictures kid! And he is an adorable boy.

Britt said...

TURBEAU!!! I love them! Great shots Laurie!!

Emily said...

Laurie- I love love LOVE the pictures of this cute boy with the dog eating the watermelon. You are amazing!