Friday, September 4, 2009

Maine and The Hansen Family Grand Finale

Maine you are so beautiful.

Here are the last of the Hansen family reunion shot in Maine last month. Before we finish the whole family we need to cover the reason these wonderful people exist. Bishop and June. They understand the nicknames I have for them so I won't explain. They are like second parents to me; far too good to me and have been a great source of support in my life. I love them to bits.

Also, here are some of my favorite candid moments that haven't been posted yet.

a few more precious one of Malei
The 100 year old house they stayed was so cool inside!

Here they are! The grandparents with all 15 (yes, 15 grandkids). Okay, so one is still in Solveij's belly but at least that belly is in the shot.

The original Hansen clan.

Okay I had to include this one; it makes me smile. We were shooting the sisters in the garden and off to the right, all of their kiddos were playing. Something happened, someone fell or cried (can't remember exactly) and they all got this look on their face. Everything was fine in the end but this is a portrayal of four great, yet concerned mamas.
All well again.

And last but not least, all 26 of them! Wow!
Thanks for the great memories Hansens! And thanks for your patience! Your pictures are in the mail!
love, Laurie Darlin


tiffany said...

THANK YOU Laurie! The pictures are great! We loved seeing you's been far too long!! You got some good ones of my Mom and Dad and I love the lighthouse shot at the top of this latest blog....very cool! I'll bet all the people that look at your blog will be glad that we're finally done!

Megan said...

Wow, I have surgery and am gone for a week at the beach and look at how much I missed! LOVE all of them! My favorites were the four of us girls all concerned about someone's kid and Mailei asleep with her cookie. Soo cute. Thanks a TON for all of your work kid. You did an amazing job! I wish we lived closer to one another too. After all of your hard work, you need to take a nap! I'll call you soon.

Solviej said...

Thank you Laurie. It was great seeing you again. The pictures are great as well. Solviej said if your ever in PA come by our place so you can take more pictures of us.