Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Hansen Family

Meet Tad, Solveij, Micah and Malei Hansen. Solviej is from England and has the most wonderful accent. I could listen to this woman speak for hours. Tad is from Texas and grew up being referred to by one word only- 'boy.' Why, you ask? look below.

Yep - that's right. Poor boy - the only son amongst four sisters. He handled it very well and will be well prepared in case more baby girls are to come. Which, by the way, is a very likely possibility next month. look below.

Yep - baby number three is on its way and I am so excited for them. They don't know the sex of the baby and I can't wait to hear the verdict (the name they have picked out in case it's a boy is one of my favorites). We asked Tad to kiss the belly and he was not a fan of such a pose. This is as close as we got and then he was gone. Oh well, we tried! Now Solveij, on the other hand, knows how to work a camera.

Micah and Malei have some serious energy. I would pay millions for it. When kiddos are this age they usually couldn't care less about sitting for pictures. So I usually just follow them around with the camera and try and catch their personalities. Honestly, this usually results in my favorite work. I simply love capturing candid life.

I've never seen a reflector held that way but I sure appreciated the help! :)

You have a beautiful family - love you guys!

My favorite way to sleep, too.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE these pictures of Tad and Solivej--I think they are my favorites so far! They are such a cute family, and I like how most of them are not "posed." How cute are they? Great job, Laurie!

Solviej said...

These are beautiful! I think it takes real skill to get good pictures of our family because they just won't sit still. Thanks so much for doing great work.

tiffany said...

I agree, Laurie! You got several of Micah actually looking head-on...that is really hard to do. He's like Dash from The Incredibles,he moves like lightning! You also got some precious pics of little Mailei too, picking her flowers that she just loved. They were really fun to look at! I love the one of Tad kissing Solviej's belly, too! I loved your commentary also...very cute!

JoAnnHansen said...

All of the pictures of the families are FANTASTIC! You did a wonderful job with all of the families, even the ones that move awfully fast!!!!